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We Thrive with the Tribe™

Kruti Coffee is one of India's fastest growing specialty coffee entity and cafe chain. Specialty coffee standards are followed across the value chain. Kruti Coffee started it's specialty coffee journey by transforming farm management practices of Kindiriguda tribal coffee farms in the Eastern Indian State of Odisha. Over the last two years, Kruti Coffee has instituted strict specialty standards in processing, roasting and brewing. Currently Kruti Coffee roasts it's entire coffee inventory by following standards set by SCA

Kruti Coffee was established in 2013 by a group of professionals, primarily doctors, to support tribal coffee growers of Koraput in Odisha. Over the last one decade it has built a mark for itself in the space of specialty coffee in India. Kruti Coffee’s over-arching goal is to become a leading specialty coffee player in India that creates unique single origin roasts and blends from coffee grown in various regions of India and eventually creating some magical blends by combining Indian specialty coffee with specialty coffee grown in various regions of the world. Principles of “Fair Trade” is core to Kruti Coffee’s operating model.

In order to give an authentic specialty coffee experience to deserving coffee enthusiasts across India, Kruti Coffee has already set up four signature cafes in Navi Mumbai, Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and Koraput which serve specialty coffee, specialty tea, continental food and healthy bakes prepared and served by highly trained staff.

Kruti Coffee intends to have a specialty coffee footprint across India and beyond through a chain of cafes and state of art e-commerce.

Kruti Coffee markets all its specialty coffees (single origin and blends) by creating an identity around origin, roast levels and flavour notes.

Kruti Coffee also retails a range of premium and pure agri products under the umbrella brand of Kruti. All premium Kruti agri-products have been branded at packaging level based on the origin. Kruti Coffee also supports many clusters of artisans across 6 Indian States through it’s sister brand Kruti Artisan Haat. You may like to purchase some magical curated artisan products at Kruti Artisan Haat

Our Mission

Become India’s leading specialty coffee brand by sourcing responsibly, staying socially and ecologically conscious and providing high quality products and service to our esteemed customers.

Empowering rural livelihood by the power of specialty coffee

In 2011 during a casual visit, Kruti Coffee’s Co Founders Dr Kamakhya Das and Dr Amol Jadhav heard about the plight of tribal coffee farmers from village Kindiriguda in the Eastern Indian State of Odisha. 60 acres of coffee plantation that was once fulfilling the livelihood needs of the entire village, stood all but dead in front of them. It took them two years to understand the root cause. In 2013 Kruti Coffee germinated as an impact venture to support tribal coffee farmers of Kindiriguda. Over the next five years, villagers were provided with essential technical and financial support to expedite the revival steps already undertaken by Government agencies like Coffee Board, TDCC and the Department of Soil Conservation. In 2018, Kruti Coffee was set up as a commercial entity to help Kindiriguda coffee get commercial viability. A signature café was set up in Patia, Bhubaneswar to serve coffee beverages brewed from coffee grown in Kindiriguda. Over the next three years, Kruti Coffee concentrated it’s efforts towards improving productivity of Kindiriguda farms and added more farms to cater to it's growing base of cafe consumers. In 2021, Kruti Coffee moved all its panel farms, primarily Kindiriguda into 100% specialty coffee practices across the value chain. A state of art e-commerce website was set up to cater to growing base of specialty coffee consumers across India.

Over the last three years Kruti Coffee has been taking care of all the expenses that Kindiriguda farmers incur in growing coffee and black pepper. Kruti Coffee has sponsored entire expenses of building barbed wire fencing across the perimeter of this plantation to prevent cattle trespassing. All farm management practices in this farm are standardised and monitored by Kruti Coffee panel of experts. Total coffee and black pepper produced from this plantation is purchased by Kruti Coffee at a premium over prevailing market prices. Kruti Coffee additionally pays daily wage to farmers when specialty processing steps are undertaken during coffee harvesting season, ranging from cherry plucking at optimal maturity to monitored drying to ensure consistent moisture and density during this critical step.

Developing in-house specialty roasting capabilities

Out of all steps in the coffee value chain, roasting is the most critical step. In view of the same, Kruti Coffee transitioned it’s entire roasting in-house in the beginning of 2023 to ensure every batch of roasting is done as per standards set by SCA.

Kruti Coffee’s Co-Founder Dr Kamakhya Das is a member of the prestigious Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and trained in specialty roasting by SCA roasting courses conducted in Hong Kong. Dr Das develops various single origin specialty roasts and specialty blends for Kruti Coffee that subsequently gets replicated by Kruti Coffee’s professional roasting team that he has trained and developed. Quality checks are conducted regularly to ensure roasting consistency.

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