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    Our South Indian Filter kit is a perfect company for those who like coffee brewed in authentic South Indian Style. We have carefully selected only those signature coffees of our's that ensure a perfect South Indian Style Brew.

    Each Kit Includes:

    • A 250 gram coffee of your choice.
    • South Indian Stainless Steel Filter
    • Brewing guide

    Coffee Options to choose from:

    Koraput Arabica Blend: This is our in-house blend by combining the washed arabica beauties of two of our panel coffee farms in Koraput, Odisha. Roasted medium dark to get the right mouth feel and flavours. (Flavour Notes: ROASTED ALMONDS AND CHOCOLATE)

    Paraja Strong - This specialty washed coffee from Kindiriguda- “Paraja Strong” has been roasted medium dark for those who like their coffee strong. This roast profile is our tribute to the legacy and culture of Paraja tribe of Koraput, majority of Kindiriguda farmers belong to the Paraja tribe. (Flavour Notes: CHERRIES & CHOCOLATE)

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    Kruti Coffee

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    Starter Kits

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